September 13, 2010

Fur Fun: "Faux" Play

I've never been one to wear fur nor could I afford to buy it.  However, this winter I want to try something different.  I am shopping for a faux fur vest.   I've always admired celebrities who could pull this look off.  Nowadays, with so much hype from PETA a few celebrities (Victoria Beckham) are choosing to wear high-end faux fur. Since I can't afford to put out what celebrities are paying for their faux fur vests I'm now on a hunt for one that costs less than $15. Wish me luck and check back to see what I find!


  1. I've seen some of these in Zara like a month or less ago, so I suppose they still have them in stock :)


  2. Good luck Elle! I've never worn fur/faux fur so I have no idea where to purchase it. Maybe I'll do a post on this in my blog because now I'm intrigued. I always thought the fur celebs wore was real...hmm

  3. Thanks, Katie. Celebs are wearing both real and faux fur. They can both be pretty pricey if you don't look for a bargain.