September 12, 2010

Cheap Thrills!

I went thrifting today and found myself somewhat disappointed at first.  Apparently the store  is transitioning between summer and fall clothes and still haven't quite gotten it together.  Their racks were filled with winter coats and sweaters.  Funny thing is in my neck of the woods it's not cold yet and I'd look like I've escaped from an insane asylum if I went to work wearing  fleece or wool.  But before leaving the store I browsed the accessories section and ran across a Coach belt. I was so excited but held my breath because I couldn't find the price written on the tag.  You see, if the price is not written on the green tag then they won't sell it to you no matter how hard you plead with them (I know this because I tried once when I found a really cute dress that was unmarked).  I was in luck! The way the tag was attached and positioned to the belt hid the price.  I twisted and turned the tag until I saw $12.99.  If bought at a Coach store this belt could easily cost over $80 With the exception of a crease on the belt (which can be remedied with a bit of conditioning) the belt is in excellent condition.  Be on the look out for this belt and other items that will be up for grabs in our "Giveaway Madness" coming soon!

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