September 12, 2010

Never Judge a Storefront by its "Junk"

Yesterday I shopped for antique glass and ceramic doorknobs for my mom.  There are a few antique and consignment shops within walking distance from my apartment (but i decided to drive).  I began my search at the larger store and worked my way down to the others.  The large store had a plethora of home accents.  I didn't know where to begin; it seemed to have everything.  However, when I asked the salesperson to point me to the doorknob section I was surprised to find out that they didn't have any.

I jumped in my car and headed toward the tiny mom and pop stores.  As I parked my car I glanced over at a man and woman sitting on a bench in front of a dark store that had, what looked like to me, junk scattered around inside. The store didn't look very appealing.  It's the same store that I can see from my apartment window.  It's the same store that I pass by when I take my walks to 7-eleven to buy a Slurpee.  But instead of going in, I waved hello and headed toward the consignment shop that displayed cute little baby furniture in its window.  I immediately felt uncomfortable when i walked in.  No one greeted me.  I briefly looked around and left out within five minutes.  I went next door to another shop.  I had no luck there either. Once again I hopped in my car feeling defeated.  I started the ignition but something stopped me from driving away.   I rolled down the window and asked the scruffy looking man, who was still sitting outside, if the store sold doorknobs.  His reply was, "Yes".  I got out of my car and walked in to what would be considered heaven for a thrift store junkie like me.

Not only did I find doorknobs in this dark, gloomy looking building, but I also found vintage accessories like purses, and cute little hats!  I also discovered something else: the man who was sitting outside happened to be the owner! I introduced myself and told him that I liked his store.  He was kind but reminded me that I passed over his store to go to all the others first.  I wasted my time searching all over when great treasures were right in front of my face.    I guess the old adage "all that glitter isn't gold" stands true in this case.

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