September 15, 2010

$5 Minimum = Nothing

Yesterday as I was thrifting I came across a cute gray vest (not fur) which was only $2.99. Unfortunately,  I couldn't buy it because it was too cheap.  That wouldn't have been a problem for me had I been in the habit of carrying cash in my wallet.  I  had my debit card in my purse, but the store has a five dollar minimum on all credit/debit card purchases.  I spent about 45 minutes looking around for something that would increase my total purchase value to five dollars.  The only items that looked somewhat appealing was a  $4.99 H&M hat with a bent up brim, and the other was a very tiny pill box hat for $3.49.  I left the store without anything because I couldn't shape the bent hat back to its original form, and my head is just too big to wear a pill box hat.  I'm going back tomorrow with cash to buy that vest.  I hope it's still there!

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