January 08, 2010

Day 3, 1 Item, $2.09

I'm back! Yesterday I was sent to D.C. on a "covert mission", ummm I mean errand for my job. My boss seemed a little embarrassed about asking me to go. Little did he know inside I was quietly doing somersaults. Immediately I began planning my own personal 'Mission: Impossible' to hit up as many thrift stores in the area. Late yesterday evening I used skills gained from watching countless James Bond movies to begin my assignment. As a special operative, I have access to highly sophisticated gadgetry. So, I punched the coordinates into my trusty GPS to locate the nearest thrift store and headed to the first location.

Thrifty was first on the list. It was only 0.3 miles away from the hotel where I stayed. So, I wonder why it took me nearly 10 minutes to get there (I won't even go into details). Instead of finding the store I was looking for I found The Container Store and a parking lot in its spot. Next on the list was Tacts Thrift Store. There was an office building at that location. Then I tried Faith Thrift store. Let's just say that it seemed as if my faith was being tested. The end result was the same when I tried to find Sisters Thrift & Consignment Shop, and Rainbow Thrift Store. I didn't find any of the stores and I was lost, to boot! My head began to ache. I felt so frustrated. I envisioned finding an eclectic style necklace, a pair of vintage boots, or even a bohemian scarf. All hopes were dashed. By then I'd worked up an appetite. I gave up and ordered pizza.

So on this very snowy Friday morning in D.C. and northern Virginia I found myself driving back home in disappointment, yet again. I think I was beginning to experience signs of withdrawal. I hadn't been thrifting in two days. However, after work I made up for it. I went to a store not far from my job and in a matter of only a few minutes I found a sweater for only $1.99! Ahhh, I got my fix. I paired it with my jeans and modeled it for "El Rey". He likes it. It has a classy look to it. Do you like it?


  1. OH MY GOODNESS............LMBO

    I am becoming addicted to these most hiliarious blogs. You are funny and creative. I could only imagine being a native of the DMV and not finding a store. But being a visitor and drivin' in the city, unable to find your destination--- WOW..

    Sorry I missed hangin' out w/ the fam....:-D
    Happy Thrifting tomorrow.

    Oh btw, I have to see the sweater in person, but I'm sure you wear it well.


  2. Funny, interesting and I must add, creative. I like the top. Obviously you have the ability to take lemons and make lemonade. So far you are rockin it. Bring on the shoes girl! Keep it comin.

  3. I LOVE that sweater! 1.99? Well done, well done.