January 06, 2010

Day 2, 2 Items, $8.38

Yesterday's thrifting experience was not a good one.

Disappointment #1: I stopped by a thrift store that I ran across a couple of months ago. It was quite disappointing to say the least. I spent twenty minutes there and could hardly find anything in my size. I finally found an Ann Taylor corduroy skirt that looked like it might fit, but there was no dressing room. So as you can guess I am crossing this store off my list!

After spending so much time in the wrong store I decided to head over to one of my favorite thrift store hang-outs. I absolutely love this store (I'll tell you why some other time)! Within five minutes I found a "new with tags (NWT)" Old Navy corduroy jacket. Then my joy turned into sadness...again.

Disappointment #2: this particular store has a debit/credit minimum of $5....the jacket only cost $3.99. I didn't have any cash on me. So I spent more time than I planned searching for something that cost 99 cents to help reach the minimum. No such luck. It was 6:25 p.m. and the cashier announced over the intercom that the fitting rooms were closing in 20 minutes. Which meant the store was closing shortly after. I really didn't want to miss the opportunity to buy the cool jacket. I zipped down the aisles in a frenzy. I tried on 3 sweaters that were the right price but either too small or too large for me. Ultimately, I was forced to buy an H&M sweater for $3.99. I'm not too sure about the sweater. It's gray and sparkly. I don't really like sparkles. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Since I spent more money (and time) than I cared to yesterday, I've put a $4 limit on my budget for the next shopping excursion. Also, I doubt that I will be shopping tonight. I have to pick up my boyfriend, whom from now on I will refer to as "El Rey", and his daughter from the airport. I don't think that I'll be able to successfully convince them to go thrifting with me tonight. Especially after the commment the little one made the first time I took her to a thrift store. She said, "it smells like something farted in here". Fair enough. I'd rather go alone. I don't particularly like distractions when I'm thrifting. Focus, Focus, Focus.


  1. Ohhhh! I'm actually loving both of those items! What a score on the price tags too! Sorry but the fart comment made me spit my water out. Too funny.

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  2. So now the support continues because you're buying my fav. color! Definitely couldn't fit it b/ it's a cute jacket. I'm agreeing with the Lil one, the stores don't smell that great. And it bothers my sinuses.
    Just know, I now get my daily laughs from Ms. LC. Cause I can actually visualize you in the store & your facial expressions when writing. Looking fwd to more blogs. Happy shopping! Wish I could :-)

  3. I love them both. To be fair, I do particularly like sparkles. I make a point of wearing sparkles to work to brighten the day, but even so, the sweater isn't THAT sparkly so I think you could talk yourself into it.