September 08, 2010

Life in a Handbag

I didn't get the cute apartment that I've been driving by for a couple of weeks and am a little bummed about it. I needed a quick picker-upper, so i went thrift shopping. I found this cute little handbag for only $5.99 from my favorite store. It's genuine leather (except for the trim) and in great condition. It reminds me of a mini bowling bag and black penny loafers all in one. I'm not sure how this will work for me because the strap is short, and I prefer shoulder bags. However, the plus side of it is that my shoulder won't ache as if I've been in a 12 round bout with Mike Tyson. I may have missed out on getting the cute apartment, but at least I gained a nice bag. Yeah I know, I can't live in a handbag; but I will sure look cute wearing it!

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